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“Era Cina is a law graduate, and also holds an English Language and Literature degree.
She has been a human rights activist for more than three years.
She is very passionate about human rights, gender equality, fighting against hate speech, and creating healthier narratives. She loves working with young people towards creating a better, more inclusive society.

She aims to be a powerful voice of the people who are discriminated against, violated, or underrepresented in our society.”

I’m a law student currently in my third year of studies. I have been a human rights activist for more than two years, I’m very passionate about human rights, peace-building, reconciliation, and the rule of law. I love working with young people towards improving our community, and together to build skills and competencies for our joint development into social life. I strongly believe that young people should be more involved in decision-making processes, therefore I have made it my goal to be more actively involved in this direction, and to make a change in the future for the generations to come.


He is a political scientist with 12 years of experience as a European project manager gathered in different kinds of organizations (coordinating the EU proposals in public administrations, NGOs and private companies) and working on different EU-funded Programmes (Horizon 2020, LIFE, Europe for Citizens, Creative Europe, JPI Urban Europe). He is also a certified youth worker with experience in the youth sector and youth policy modelling, contributing to the development of the youth legislation of the wider region of Valencia (Spain) through his participation as a member of the Regional Youth Council board. He also holds the PRINCE2® certificate for effective project management and is SCRUM Master, following the agile principles of project management. Since 2013, Gilberto Martínez has been a member of the Pool of Trainers of the Spanish National Agency.

I’m Fatbardh Kabashi and I come from a town Rahovec. I am a young person who creates art, studies design and founded the social entrepreneurship ‘Wooden Eyes’, which creates arts-and-crafts products. I also support marginalised groups in various spheres. I have participated in numerous youth workshops and have volunteered for numerous activities. I am in love with cities I have not seen, people I have not met and cultures I do not know, and this gives me the enthusiasm to take part in various workshops and activities. As I believe that young people have the strength to make a difference for the better, I work towards this at every given opportunity.

My name is Jelena, and I am manager of Program for non – formal education and youth mobility in NGO Prima from Montenegro. I am passionate about gender issues and combating all forms of violence, including hate speech and discrimination. I have been working in the past 7 years as a non formal educator, on national and European level.

Economist, currently enrolled in Law Master studies in the field of Public Administration. I am a human rights activist for 2 years. Working with young people and the societies in which they live, facilitating young people’s active participation and inclusion in their communities and in decision making is something that is very important to me. Enabling young people to develop holistically, working with them to facilitate their personal, social and educational development, enabling them to develop their voice, influence and place in society and to reach their full potential – that is how we build a better future for all of us.

I have been a youth worker for some time. I’m also worked with decision makers for recognition of youth policy and youth work. Before that, I worked as a teacher in one of the Serbian high schools. As a participant in one of the trainings, through the THINK! Don’t hate project, I have become even stronger and more confident in empowering young people to become the leaders in the fight against fake news, prejudice and hatred on the Internet.

I am Liridon Shurdhani from Prishtina, Kosova, civil society activist from 2003 and actively involved in Human Rights and Human Rights Education in Kosovo and region.
Trainers Pool of the Youth Department of CoE:

Amina Kaja is a Medical student in Prishtina and she currently represents Kosovo as a Young European Ambassador. The work and energy she has put into her changemaking have made her Ambassador of Council of Europe’s “Block The Hatred. Share the Love!” campaign. She was Research Assistant at the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies and President of the first Youth Advisory Board in Kosovo. Through the years, she has been a member of the Youth Assembly of Prishtina, founder and President of Kosovo’s first Career Club, and youth mentor.
Her dedication branches out to other organizations as well, such as UN Women, USAID, OSCE, YIHR, PEN and more, gathering over 600 volunteer hours in the recent years, mainly in the areas of human rights, interethnic dialogue, and career orientation.
Her activism is mostly done through art – Spoken Word Poetry and graphic design. In the future, she hopes to bring breakthroughs to the world of medicine, human rights and poetry.

My involvement in NGO sector started in 2014 when I became an activist in few different organizations where I worked with young people on non-formal education. Few years ago I started working as an assistant for International humanitarian organization World Vision where I frequently implement different workshops for kids and young people and helped socially disadvantaged families. I’m also a Red Cross volunteer.

Miloš is a youth worker with 6 years of experience with working in the civil society sector in Serbia. He has been working on conflict transformation, peacebuilding, fighting hate speech online and offline and promoting meaningful participation of young people on local level.

Ivan Todorović is a youth worker, activist an owner of an IT company, mainly focused on web desing and web development. Some of his services also include preparation, design and printing of materials used in the implementation of EU funded projects, containing all the necessary visibility aspects, in line with EU rules, both for companies and NGO sector. In the last few years he participated in different EU funded courses (ERASMUS+, Key Action 2, Training courses), dealing with youth and human rights, cyber security, mental health etc. 

Alenka is a youth worker, trainer, lecturer and owner of a company for business consulting and other services, mainly focused on the preparation and implementation of EU funded projects in various fields (entrepreneurship, ICT, local government, education, etc.). Through almost eight years of work experience, she has worked on the preparation and implementation of projects for civil society organizations, higher education institutions, enterprises and local government. At the end of 2016, she enrolled in a Master Course in Graz, Austria, which she successfully completed in June 2018, earning a master’s degree of Master of Science in European Project and Public Management (MSc), and since December 2017 she has been working as a lecturer at the Algebra Open University as part of the educational program “EU Projects Preparation and Implementation Manager”.

Zoran graduated at the Institute of Social education and communication, Jonkoping, Sweden where he obtained University degree “Leadership and developmental youth work”. He had also attended one-year training for Mediation theory and practice and Training for trainers. Civic sector and voluntary work have driven him throughout the Europe and Balkan countries since 1995. He was working on development of project proposals, delivering trainings, managing staff and volunteers, and has especially working in and managing internationally and ethnically mixed teams. 

Ivana is a well skilled youth worker with great practical experience in project management and non-government organization work. She is positive, creative, open-minded and ready to execute different tasks within the team composition. Her experience is wider in the area of non-formal education, project preparation and implementation, stakeholder involvement especially partners and local self-government units. She is fighter for youth and human rights, citizens participation and equal opportunities. 

Darko is active in work with youth in the last 5 years and after volunteering and finishing couple of professional courses at the moment is working and coordinating sport and ecological activities in Interkultura. Darko is professional physiotherapist and has experience with professional sportiest and sport associations.

Dane is a youth worker and activist from Skopje, North Macedonia. He has been active in Interkultura for several years and he participated in many trainings on non-formal education, utilizing sport in education, peacebuilding, reconciliation, combating hate speech. He also took part in the implementation and planing of several international trainings , seminars, lectures, panels and youth exchanges. Dane is fluent in English, Serbian and Macedonian.


Džemil Nikšić is a young activist from Novi Pazar, Serbia. He started his studies abroad, and besides that he also writes short texts and implements workshops for non-formal education. His other interests include traveling, acting, learning foreign languages and taking part in youth exchanges. Džemil has significant experience working on youth participation, preventing bullying in schools and developing nonformal methods.

Alkistis Giogiou is involved in the youth sector as a project writer, trainer and facilitator for more than 6 years. She has been involved in numerous youth projects in local, national and European level. Alkistis has been the Youth Delegate of Greece 2016 in the 30th and 31st Session of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, in the framework of which she has established and successfully implemented the project “YouthUs”. She was also a member of the European Apprentices Network of the European Commission from 2017 to 2019 and participated in various events of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) of the European Commission, especially on the topics of employment, social affairs and inclusion.

Barda is a trainer, facilitator and project coordinator for ten years now starting from her engagement within Kosovo Youth Council and the project connected to child protection. Since then she cooperated with UNICEF Office in Kosovo, National Democratic Institute Currently, she is working on a project with Youth Express Network (YEN)- France, as a trainer for youth Initiatives implementation, project cycle and implementation, intercultural cooperation,  how to do advocacy on a local level and how to look for best practices of local engagement. In KYL she is engaged on similar topics and was involved in all KYL initiatives countering hate speech, starting from Lajk it project.

Danijela has been a youth worker and trainer for more than 15 years and a member of several pools of trainers practicing NFE methodology on national and international level. Previously, she was engaged in various initiatives and programs for youth such as process of creating national youth policy and developing strategy for development and prosperity of young people in Serbia. She also worked with decision makers for recognition of youth policy and youth work. At the moment, her work focuses on projects that promote and support activism of young people and lobbies for young women rights.

After finishing Faculty of Agriculture she decided to reorient her career and start working in the civil society sector as a project manager and trainer. She took part in the implementation of dozens of projects and events within them. Through these experiences she gained her credibility as a financial consultant and trainer for international projects. She supports small local youth initiatives and organizations as a volunteer by consulting them when budgeting and defining project activities. 

Petar Nešković is a coordinator of local youth office of Bajina Bašta, a small city in western Serbia. He is a PhD student at the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade with years of work in the non-formal and formal education. His work is mainly dedicated to the environmental protection and awareness raising about the importance of ecology. Petar is also actively working on including young people in democratic and decision making processes on the local level. He is fluent in Serbian and English. 

Aida is psychologist, feminist and peace activist. Aida trained more than 3000 students and pupils in Montenegro in field of human rights, sexual and reproductive health, antidiscrimination, youth participation, voluntarism, prevention of violence and peer violence. Also, she is one of trainers of schools staff in field of online peer violence. Some of publications she made, are: “Sexual and reproductive health”, “Sexual violence – manual for youth”, both on Montenegrin and Albanian language, as well as “Gender Base Violence – Manual for prevention of youth gender-based violence” both on Serbo-Montenegrin-Croatian and English language.

Nedojsha Stojmenovikj is an activist, youth worker and a student of Philology from Skopje, North Macedonia. He is highly motivated young person willing to give his contribution to the improvement of his local community and lives of young people from all around Europe. He is especially interested in organizing youth exchanges and other non-formal and informal educational activities for young people. He took part in many trainings where he built his training skills.

Danijela is a graduated logopedic and defectologist from Serbia.  During her studies she started volunteering in the NGO Libero and has remained active in the youth field after graduation. She took part in numerous international educational activities where she gained rich experience related to the youth work. Her areas of interest and expertise are related to violence prevention, nonviolent communication, conflict transformation, developmental psychology and youth rights promotion. She likes reading, taking part in youth exchanges, traveling and developing her professional competences.

 Nemanja Vilotijević is a member of a Youth Office of Bajina Bašta, Republic of Serbia, and a youth worker/non-formal educator. He is passionate about implementing advanced digital technologies and tools in youth work in order to improve young people’s access to education, employment, work and volunteering opportunities. Nemanja speaks Serbian, English and Russian language. He is always ready to improve his knowledge and take part in non-formal activities.


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