The project “THINK! Don’t Hate” is implemented by Kosova Young Lawyers – KYL in coordination with its five partners: Syllogos Apofiton Ekpedeftirion Mandoulidi (Greece), Prima (Montenegro), CONNECT International (Belgium), Libero (Serbia) and Interkultura (North Macedonia). The idea behind the project was born from the observation of the current state of the social media landscape in the Western Balkans, which is overwhelmed with hateful, discriminative and extremist content and narratives. Since existing policies and educational strategies in the Region are mainly focused dealing with the consequences of extreme behaviour online and not on prevention or countering it, we have decided to develop Guides which will help NFE practicioners, teachers and peer educators in fighting hate speech.

We started our work on this project with the analysis of the sources, targets and key narrative points of fake news and hate speech. Based on the findings of the analysis we have developed formal and non-formal educational approaches promoting critical thinking and participation in the creation of counter narratives. Now these educational approaches have been transferred and published online in an interactive form and are available to all people willing to join a struggle against online hate, fake news and disinformation.


The main goal of the project “THINK! Don’t Hate” is to combat hate speech in the online world by deconstructing and discrediting the narratives on which it is based, as well as by empowering young people to become the leaders in the fight against fake news, prejudice and hatred on the Internet.