D. Self-Check Point! - How familiar are you with online hate speech?

But right before we dive into details…would you dare to check your own level of understanding about the topic? If you are brave enough…we challenge you to take this test and find out where you stand at the moment! Mind your step! There are a few tricky questions and…cheating is not allowed

1. Which of the following is not a common form of propaganda?

A. Misquoting
B. Generating fear
C. Creating a false image
D. Presenting facts

2. Choose the correct answer:

A. Propaganda is safer than fake news
B. Propaganda can be part of fake news
C. Fake news is safer than propaganda
D. Fake news can be part of propaganda

3. Which component of critical thinking do you recognize in the following sentence:
“I had the opportunity to meet the LGBT community and realize that they need support and acceptance”?

A. Misconception
B. Experience
C. Assumption
D. Clarity

4. A negative narrative cannot be:

A. Direct
B. Harmful
C. Indirect
D. Harmless

5. Online hate speech can be:

A. Unrelated to narratives
B. Rare and specific
C. Direct and indirect
D. Always obvious and clear

6. Decisions made through critical thinking include…

A. Analysis and observation
B. Rational thinking and knowledge
C. Research and evidence
D. Combination of all the above elements

7. A common element among formal and non-formal educators is…

A. Active listening
B. Hierarchy
C. Simple knowledge
D. Interactive activities

8. When teaching critical thinking, which topic is not obligatory to examine?

A. Hate speech
B. Fake news
C. Propaganda
D. Group dynamics

9. An effective way to prevent hate speech is…

A. To suppress your feelings and let it go
B. To be informed and able to recognize it online and offline
C. To observe and avoid
D. To not react and move forward

10. Which form of propaganda do you recognize in the sentence: “Together we CAN! Join us!”?

A. Promising happiness
B. Creating a false dilemma
C. Overstating participation
D. Projecting tradition

| 1 - D | *** | 2 - D | *** | 3 - B | *** | 4 - D | *** | 5 - C | *** | 6 - D | *** | 7 - A | *** | 8 - D | *** | 9 - B | *** | 10 - C |

0- 0
Read the guides and try again! You can do it!

4- 0
You've got the spirit, but there is always room for improvement!

8- 0
WOW! You're a counter expert!!!

Are you happy with the results? If not, don’t worry! This Guide is here to guide you through the process and help you evolve your skills, enrich your knowledge and prepare you for the fight against online hate speech! Let’s do it!