C. Integration in the School Curriculum




180 minutes


School Teachers/Educators


YOUTH CLUB SPACE / any platform


Young educators from all around the Balkans present their new program. We as the next generation have spotted a huge deficiency in the way our educational system works and shapes individuals. So we are trying to implement the idea of constantly using critical thinking in the school curriculum for better improvement of our educational system.

Session Objectives: 

1. expose the teachers to creative approach of teaching
2. pursue them to involve the kids in analyzing, and resolve the issues.
3. to improve their research and analyzing skills
AIM: To train the teachers on how to include critical thinking in their classroom.


1. Interactive digital tools (Mentimeter, Kahoot)
2. Power-points of “success stories”
1.1 ( the case of Finland vs Balkans / case study)
1.2 participants should be divided in 3 groups to analyse the case study
3. To analyze and exchange the opinion between groups ( learning by doing)

The session step by step (with timing and responsibilities)

13:00-13:20- Introductions; Mentimeter
13:20- 14:00- Meeting the topic, and initiating the presentation
14:00- 14:30- Case study- dividing in groups analyzing the case study
14:30- 14:15- Coffee break
14:15- 15:20- Presentation on the opinions and exchange the opinions about the work that they did
15:20- 15:40- Wrap up and conclusions
15:40- 15:50- Kahoot Quiz
15:50- 16:00- Evaluation time

Materials required

1. laptop
2. flip charts
3. sticky notes
4. pens
5. notebooks
6. projector


PowerPoint presentation

Session outcomes

Teachers being inspired to start implementing new and more creative methods on students.


The participants will be given a form prepared by the team, where they will express what they liked/ disliked about the training, how useful the training was for them, what they would like to implement on to their teaching, and also what they would like to potentially work on in the future.


The teachers will be able to apply the new gained knowledge in their classrooms, and implement critical thinking as a form of teaching.